Scottish EDGE awards £1.27 million to Scotland’s most promising start-up businesses

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Scottish EDGE awards £1.27 million to Scotland’s most promising start-up businesses

Finalists in Round 8 of the Scottish EDGE awards have been awarded a total of £1.27 million in grants and loans.

Twenty-two of Scotland’s most promising entrepreneurs pitched their businesses to an expert panel of judges in order to win up to £100,000 each in grant funding and loans.

The panel of judges, which was chaired by Lord Smith of Kelvin, chose fifteen of businesses as winners on the day. Winners were also announced for the Higgs EDGE, which seeks to identify innovative science and technology businesses with global commercialisation potential, Young EDGE, for entrepreneurs under the age of 30, and Wild Card EDGE for businesses who have yet to commence trading.

The biggest winner on the day was RotoMotor Ltd, which became the second business to win the Scottish EDGE’s highest prize of £150,000, following the success of Epipole in December’s funding round.

An Aberdeen-based business founded by Jonathan Marsh, RotoMotor has invented the world’s first three-dimensional pump, an exciting new platform technology for the pumping and renewables industries. Major benefits of the RotoMotor pump are reversibility in both directions, and power and multispeed proportional flow. All these benefits can be offered in many configurations for many different markets. RotoMotor technology offers game changing potential to a $70 billion industry, by producing multiples of flow rates and higher pressures than centrifugal pumps.

Scottish EDGE is awarded as a 50% grant and a 50% loan. The loan is paid back to help fellow entrepreneurs on their pathway to success. Both the Young EDGE and Wild Card EDGE awards are grants of up to £10,000. Not only do Scottish EDGE award funding, they also provide mentoring and support and signposting to alternative funding.

Scottish EDGE Chief Executive Officer, Evelyn McDonald said: “A Scottish EDGE final is always a day to remember and today was no different. We received a total of 239 applications for Scottish EDGE round eight from around the country, representing businesses in every business sector. The twenty-two businesses who pitched today represent the best of Scotland’s start-up businesses and entrepreneurial talent. For those who didn’t win this time round it’s not a no, it’s a not yet. We look forward to opening round nine in August and encourage previous and new applicants to apply for Scottish EDGE funding and support.”

Gordon Merrylees, Scottish EDGE board member and Head of Entrepreneurship at Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest, commented; “the Scottish EDGE has had a huge impact on Scotland’s economy, with our alumni having generated an additional £31.80m in turnover, secured £28.36m in additional investment, and created 641 jobs since receiving their Scottish EDGE funding and support. We’re looking forward to continued success as today’s winners join our group of high-achieving alumni.”

Sir Tom Hunter, renowned Scottish entrepreneur and philanthropist, said; “100% of the net new jobs in the UK will come from businesses less than five years old – the winners at Scottish Edge are the job creators of today… We need to invest in them and nurture them in any way we can to build our economy and to provide the quality jobs our people deserve. We need to build a far greater pipeline of high growth businesses if Scotland is to succeed, Scottish Edge is one critical element of that pipeline and I commend all the entrants – not winners yet – and the winners for their commitment to building great entrepreneurial businesses.”

The Scottish EDGE winners were:

  • Blind Spot Gear: Developed ‘Scorpion Light’ and ‘Tile Light' for film making industry – Glasgow – £45k
  • Blusho: A social-shopping platform for beauty, driven by user generated content – Glasgow – £35k
  • Cutitronics: Developed game-changing skincare technology that measures skin health – Glasgow – £55k
  • Deepwater Oil Tools: Developed SeaCure Cementing, an innovative technique for casing cementation in Oil & Gas sector – Aberdeen – £40k
  • Dry Ice Scotland: Company whose dry ice process removes contaminants using frozen carbon dioxide – Perthshire – £100k
  • eoSurgical: Created simulators to train surgeons to help make surgical procedures safer – Edinburgh – £100k
  • EuroBiotix CIC: Community interest company that aims to expand access to Faecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT) – Aberdeen – £40k
  • Freedom Brands: A producer of coconut-based innovative healthy food and drinks – Glasgow – £30k
  • Glaze & Save: Award winning product which turns single glaze windows into double glazing – Perth – £25k
  • OTAQ: Developed an innovative seal deterrent system for fish farms – Oban – £100k
  • Particle Analytics: Develop solutions for analysis of numerical simulations of particles and bulk solids – Edinburgh – £40k
  • Phoenix Instinct: Develop life enhancing travel products for the active wheelchair user – Nairn – £50k
  • Robotical: Created ‘Marty' – a robot to inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists – Edinburgh – £60k
  • Uuni: Innovative and portable outdoor wood-fired oven for cooking pizza – West Lothian – £50k
  • Vanilla Blush: Developed an underwear range for people with Stomas – Glasgow – £50k

Higgs Edge winners were:

  • RotoMotor: Invented the world’s first three-dimensional pump, a revolutionary concept in pump design changing the way we think about the pump and renewables markets – Aberdeen – £150k
  • Soltropy: Invented a patented, modular solar thermal collector solution which allows the system to freeze and means existing tanks can be used to store the hot water produced – Glasgow – £100k

Young EDGE winners were:

  • A Fox Wot I Drew: Games company who developed their first game “BAUM” for the Apple TV Platform – Dundee – £5k
  • Can You Escape: Live escape games with puzzles and cryptic activities to see if participants have what it takes to escape – Edinburgh – £10k
  • Connect-In: Developed “Lupo”, a sensor which finds personal belongings when misplaced – Glasgow – £10k
  • LifeLinked: Trading as Storii, the company provide media storage and a communications platform, allowing family to connect with loved ones who suffer from dementia – Glasgow – £7.5k
  • Lingo Flamingo CIC: World’s first portfolio of tailored language workshops for older adults to help delay the effects of dementia – Glasgow – £10k
  • Pick Protection: Created a revolutionary personal attack and lone worker alarm – Glasgow – £10k
  • Premiership Experience: Award winning sport tour operator offering access to life at the highest level of the beautiful game – Glasgow – £5k
  • Silver Birch Interiors: Developing a digital offering for the furniture fitting sector – Glasgow – £7.5k
  • Siobhan Mackenzie: Designer and producer of bespoke and contemporary kilts, bringing Scottish dress into the twenty-first century – Glasgow – £10k
  • Tipple Box: Cocktail-making kits, sent by post – Edinburgh – £10k
  • WardWatch: Cloud based software program to support clinical learning opportunities – Lanark – £10k
  • YoCo Club: Whisky subscription club that delivers malt Scotch whiskies to your door – Edinburgh – £5k

WildCard EDGE winners were:

  • Blusho: A social-shopping platform for beauty, driven by user generated content – Glasgow – £10k
  • Cyclogical: Creators of ‘Gripster’ – the bike storage solution that is a little bit off the wall – Glasgow – £10k
  • Eat2Enjoy: Provide delicious frozen meals designed specifically to meet the nutritional and energy requirements of the elderly – Edinburgh – £10k
  • Ergo Fitness: Designed the ‘Arcufit Bar’ – the first ergonomically designed, weighted bar for the fitness community – Glasgow – £5k
  • Estendio: Developed ‘PresentPal’ – technology for dyslexics, developed by dyslexics – Glasgow – £10k
  • Handy Handle Jig: Innovative product for DIY enthusiasts to support the task of putting handles on doors – Glasgow – £5k
  • MIME Technologies: Wireless platform technology that simplifies the capture, reporting & audit of medical data – Inverness – £10k
  • Pio Design: Developed a keyboard that will transform computer input across a range of technology and educational sectors – Perthshire – £10k
  • Study Ninja: A kick-ass app to help students smash their exams – Dunfermline – £5k
  • Trossachs Distillery: Manufacturers of McQueen Gin, with unique distilled flavours including Chocolate, Mint and Mocha – Callander – £10k
  • Veloeye: Mobile, light and convenient bike theft deterrent and retrieval system which harnesses the power of social media – Perthshire – £5k
  • WindAir Systems: Provides “active” sealed glass units that can be used in windows/doors to prevent excess solar heat energy – Edinburgh – £10k
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