Aqib Pervaiz
Aqib Pervaiz

Aqib Pervaiz, Founder & Ceo, RapidTechSolutions, 19

Aqib started started his first company when he was 15 – RapidTechSolutions (A tech company that deals with Web Design, Software Development, Web Hosting & more).

Since then has ventured into other industries such as Music & Film (PaperKingEntertainment), Clothing (Sophia & Curtis) and more.

Towards the end of last year, the company completed a TV project for a company in Denmark for £85,000. Recently, from working with 50 Cent’s brand EFFEN VODKA, Aqib has been allocated a budget to help distribute and promote the product within the UK.

Aqib is also a Philanthropist and loves to do different things to help create a better world – not just limited to donating time or money. This aspiration led him to start a charity called “Minus Borders”, currently in the process of being approved by the OSCR. Hopes are to build and expand this organisation in the future.

To help with issues in the local community in Ellon, Aqib was also elected to be a part of the Community Council helping with issues relating to technology.