Tom McDonald
Tom McDonald

Tom McDonald, Managing Director, Exsel Group, 32

Tom has built Exsel Group over the last two years from a sub £100k business with 3 people to a 50 plus man company with turnover in excess of £3m and on track for £5m this year.

The firm was a finalist in 2015 Scottish Business of the year.

Exsel group is one of the most notable success stories in the IT sector in Glasgow and indeed more broadly across Scotland. Expansion is underway with an Aberdeen office opened this year and an Edinburgh on to follow.

At the heart of the company are the people hence the commitment to training, development and a range of CSR initatives.

The vision that Tom has laid out is to build Exsel Group into a global brand delivering cutting edge IT solutions to improve business efficiency, grow profits and drive down costs. This will be achieved through

1. Hiring the best and making the company purpose to develop these individuals.
2. Identifying and working with leading international Tech companies.
3. A clear focus and investment is sales – the life blood of all organisations.