Animated film dream to become a reality after crowdfunding success

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Animated film dream to become a reality after crowdfunding success

The dream of comic artist Frank Quitely to complete his first animated short, Nothing to Declare, has come true after recruitment consultancy Primestaff came to the rescue and saved the day.

In a prime example of Glasgow helping its own, the comic book artist, who still lives in the city despite collaborating with creators around the world on projects such as All-star Superman, new X-Men and Batman and Robin, started a crowdfunding campaign to help fund his independently produced film.

With more than £6k left to reach the £10k target set on Indiegogo to complete the project, Glasgow based recruitment consultancy Primestaff, stepped in and helped the production come to life.

The film will be directed by BAFTA nominated Will Adams and crafted by Oscar winning CG artist Tom Bryant, leading the team at Interference Pattern. John Cummings, formerly a member of the band Mogwai, will contribute all music to the project.

For Frank Quitely, also known for his work with Mark Miller on The Authority and Jupiter's Legacy, Primestaff’s generous donation will make a huge difference.

He said: “Without Primestaff, I couldn’t bring this incredibly talented group of people together to create something so beautiful, challenging and exciting.

“I have always loved the horror genre. I had written a bunch of short stories, and this one, I felt, particularly lent itself to animation. This is the first time I've written a story and handed it over to other artists to work on. It's my first venture in film, and the team I'm working with are exceptional at what they do and have created a brilliantly crafted animation.

“I'm really excited at the prospect of seeing it finished and I am eternally grateful to Primestaff, who helped me get the job done.”

For Primestaff’s construction director Michael Docherty, he had a personal reason for helping Frank “get the job done”.

“We as a business work day in, day out to help complete projects, and we often step in at the last minute to solve a difficult situation. This is just another example of what we strive to do as a company.

“I’ve known Frank since I was six-years-old, back then he was known as Vinnie. We grew up in Burnside together”, he said. “We lived just round the corner and he was really close to the family. So close that he ended up marrying my sister, Ann-Jane!

“They’ve been going out since they were 12-years-old and I’ve always been incredibly impressed with what he’s done with his life. I am really pleased to be in a position to help him out as I know whatever he does, it will be pretty special.”

The film is based on a short story by Frank Quitely in which a well-meaning 19-year-old returns home at Christmas from backpacking in South America, only to discover he has unintentionally triggered a catastrophic chain of events. The team expect the film to appeal to comic book readers, as well as fans of animation and horror.

The film is a co-production between Scottish animation studios Once Were Farmers and Interference Pattern, marking the first collaboration between the multi-award-winning studios.

Will Adams, Director, added: “Having been a fan of Frank Quitely's work since I read his comics at school, it's been brilliant being able to collaborate so closely with him. It's a rare treat to work on a project where we have real creative freedom, and this is the first home-grown short I've directed since 2009, so a huge thanks to Primestaff for making it happen!”

Tom Bryant, who worked on The Lost Thing which won an Oscar for best animated short film in 2011, as well as several Gorillaz music videos, is also part of the award winning team.

He added: “This is a dream project and it couldn’t happen without Primestaff. I jumped at the chance to be part of the team, as I greatly admire the work of both Frank and Will. I feel we have crafted a visually unique and beautiful piece of animation. I can’t wait for people to see it.”

The Indiegogo campaign, which began in October this year, allowed fans to acquire original artwork by Frank Quitely and Fraser McLean, including unseen sketches from Quitely’s sketchbook, unique, signed frames from the film, and portraits as a Nothing To Declare character drawn by Fraser McLean.

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