Millionaire Success Stories Who Started in Customer Service

Not everyone who has made a success in business had money or family connections or the “right” schooling. In fact, if you time traveled backwards to see the beginnings of many of the most notable people in business today, you probably wouldn’t have been able to pick them out for any sort of success.

Take Karen Kaplan. She was a receptionist—and one that couldn’t even type—when she began working at an advertising firm in Massachusetts. Today she heads the firm, and it is worth billions of dollars.

And then there’s Oprah Winfrey: Everyone knows that name today. But as a girl, she was just another resident of the South in the United States, raised by a grandmother. What distinguished her, as it does many successful business people, was drive, creativity, and ambition. Today Oprah is a media mogul, worth billions of dollars and known worldwide.

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