£300million BrewDog wooing new investor and potential IPO

BrewDog may need to cozy up to the city investors that it has previously mocked after the Ellon-based brewer revealed it may consider an IPO (Initial Public Offering).

In a letter to its shareholders, the firm also reported that it is about to land a big new, unnamed investor.

Although the terms of the investment have not been finalised, it will be capped at no more than a 30% stake in the firm and will be at a price of £75 per share. Its last crowdfunding in April 2016 offered investors a price of £47.50 per share at a £300m valuation.

In the letter the company also mentioned it will also consider launching a fifth round of crowdfunding later this year, or issuing a bond, and could still do both.

BrewDog is seeking approval for the shake-up from shareholders ahead of the investment in a meeting due to be held at the end of the month.