WeeBox growth sees the firm export to 15 countries

Glasgow-based online gift subscription service WeeBox has exported its product to 15 different countries across the world and grown by 30% per month since January.

The company packages some of Scotland’s most iconic products and sends them to customers abroad.

Since launching in November at Glasgow Chamber of Commerce’s ‘Made in Manhattan’ delegation, in addition to providing boxes at the US Journalist Burns Supper at the British Embassy in Washington DC, the business has continued to build momentum following the dispatch of its first box in January this year.

Wrapped in the country’s national newspapers WeeBox celebrates all things Scottish – delivered as a gift to expats and foreign nationals with links to Scotland.

Australia and North America have proven to be the most popular markets, and with an estimated five million people born in the UK living abroad, 10% of which are Scottish, the potential reach is vast.

The gift box features products based on each month’s specific theme, with 40 different Scottish products showcased around the globe so far. Upcoming themes are set to coincide with the Highland Games in July and the launch of the third season of Outlander in September.

Amy McCusker, Founder of WeeBox, said: “We are an extremely proud nation, and no matter how strong or faded the link to the heritage, Scottish people across the world always appear to remain very patriotic.

“Having experienced myself the comfort of a filled box from when living away from home, as well as discovering the high costs involved in sending a package abroad, I recognised a space in the market for WeeBox.

“We are now delivering to five out of seven continents, and with customers continuing to sign up every day, the level of growth has been fantastic.”

Amy McCusker is one of 12 speakers at Glasgow Chamber of Commerce’s Made in Glasgow event on Friday 19 May at The Lighthouse. Attendees will hear from Glasgow born companies about their successes, challenges and experiences, in a celebration of the city’s entrepreneurs.

Richard Muir, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce’s deputy chief executive said: “It’s tremendous to see a company like WeeBox shine on the global stage. Amy and her team have taken a novel idea and turned it into a successful business with international reach. A local business which engages with Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, launching from our trade delegation to New York, she’ll join other entrepreneurs at Made in Glasgow on Friday.”