From left to right: YouTubers BigBst4tz2, ibxtoycat, Eckosoldier, Sqaishey, Stampy, Chris van der Kuyl, Paddy Burns, Stewart Clark.
From left to right: YouTubers BigBst4tz2, ibxtoycat, Eckosoldier, Sqaishey, Stampy, Chris van der Kuyl, Paddy Burns, Stewart Clark.

Dundee gaming entrepreneurs launch Water’s Edge office development

Tech entrepreneurs Chris van der Kuyl and Paddy Burns marked the ‘Topping Out’ ceremony for their Shed 25 project during a special preview event at Dundee’s City Quay on Friday evening with the announcement of the development’s new name.

Addressing an audience of over 300 business leaders, politicians, influencers and neighbours, they revealed the cutting-edge commercial office development will be called Water’s Edge.

Tayforth Properties Ltd is owned by Chris van der Kuyl and Paddy Burns (founders of 4J Studios and developers of the Minecraft console editions), and operated by Managing Director Stewart Clark. They are in the final stages of developing Dundee’s historic transit Shed 25 into bespoke business units for entrepreneurial companies whose contagious energy will act as a catalyst for growth in the City of Discovery.

Speaking during the event Chris van der Kuyl said: “Paddy, Stewart and I are delighted that our friends from the YouTube world could join us tonight to mark this milestone moment.

He continued: “The tradition of holding a topping out ceremony started in Scandinavia with a fir tree placed on the roof to mark the moment when the structure reaches its maximum height. But since we are games developers we decided to manufacture our own pixel tree instead!”

The vision for the development includes co-working space and meeting rooms designed to inspire, connect and energise 21st Century business innovators, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

To mark Friday’s milestone moment, Chris, Paddy and Stewart were joined by a number of big names from the YouTube world, including Joseph Garrett, an English YouTuber who posts videos about the game Minecraft as the character Stampy Cat.

Balanced above the audience on a scissor lift, the Tayforth trio looked on as Stampy Cat placed an eye-catching ‘pixel tree’ high up in the rafters to officially celebrate the completion of the roof.

Also on the aerial platform were Stampy’s fellow YouTubers – Sqaishey, BigBst4tz2, ibxtoycat and Eckosoldier.

Joseph Garrett (alias Stampy Cat) commented on seeing the development for the first time: “It’s exciting. We’d heard tales of this building, but this is my first time seeing and getting an idea of what it’s going to end up like.”

Joseph last visited Dundee in November 2015 to deliver the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s (RSE) Christmas lecture when hundreds of young fans flocked to the Caird Hall to see him speak.

Chris and Paddy came up with the Water’s Edge concept following a discussion about how to grow 4J’s working environment.

Chris said: “We currently have an office at City Quay which we really like. But Paddy and I decided we wanted something a little bit bigger, maybe a little bit cooler and even closer to the waterfront.

“When we bought Shed 25 it was literally a hole in the ground with half a roof. But thanks to our great friends and partners at Nicoll Russell Studios we’ve come up with this amazing concept.

“We created Water’s Edge to attract businesses with a real energy and appetite for innovation. By putting them all together in one space, we think exciting things will start to happen and success will be contagious. It’s going to be a fantastic space.”

From offices with capacity for 50 people through to individual co-working desks, open-plan, flexible workspace is at the heart of Water’s Edge. A co-working area with access to seven meeting rooms is also an important part of the impressive set-up.

What will ultimately become Dundee’s largest restaurant and cafe with breathtaking views overlooking Dundee’s much-anticipated City Quay marina development will complete the development.