Senshi Digital to share daily its secrets of tourism success

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Senshi Digital to share daily its secrets of tourism success

Digital design studio, Senshi Digital, is sharing the secrets of its success in the tourism industry with a series of daily video snippets called The Digital Tourism Show.

After a successful test of running five to six minute video clips as a monthly project, the Glasgow-based studio – which designs websites and digital branding for destinations and tour groups world wide – has moved to a more ambitious daily schedule.

CEO Chris Torres said: “Our monthly Digital Tourism Show proved very popular with interested individuals and with companies looking to improve their profile or to break into new markets in the ever-changing world of digital tourism.

“We have been in the business for a long time and have seen a lot of changes, from the growth of social media to the mobile revolution so we have written the website, if not the book, for a lot of major names over the years. Now, sharing that expertise is to everyone’s benefit.”

Each video has been shot with Chris offering the benefit of the company’s experience at the cutting edge of the possible for digital branding – each against a different backdrop of a popular tourist destination. With 65 episodes scripted, and over 30 already recorded, Chris has been enjoying the opportunity to film in Malaga and Barcelona, not to mention Falkirk’s own Kelpies in Stirlingshire.

In addition to the Daily Tourism Show, Senshi Digital has spun off a Facebook group which hosts all the episodes, as well as offering VIP access to the ‘digital warriors’ of the company, should anyone want help or advice with an intractable tourism problem.

Chris said: “The eventual aim is to have the Daily Tourism Show as a resource available for everyone to use. I want to get at least a year of the daily shows, and twelve more of the monthly shows, and after that, we can re-examine, but it’s proven very popular so far.

“The main reason we’re doing these is to put our money where our mouth is and to show we know this field inside out. The growth has been organic and steady and I think a lot of people are coming round to our way of thinking.”

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