The kickoff of the new Dundee accelerator
The kickoff of the new Dundee accelerator

New Dundee Business Accelerator launches

A new programme that will accelerate startup businesses in Tayside launched last week.

Acorn Enterprise started their Business Accelerator Programme with a group of new business owners, who they call “Acorns”. The Programme, based in the heart of Dundee at the Flour Mill, develops confidence, business skills and clarity.

Kallum Russell, co-founder and Chief Enterprise Officer of Acorn Enterprise, explained: “We are very excited about starting the eighth Business Accelerator Programme, our first in Tayside!

Our proven model offers support to new business owners that is currently lacking: we provide an intensive, structured approach that is led by entrepreneurs, not the public sector”.

Over 70% of the pre-trading and early-stage businesses we have worked with on the Programmes over the last four years have decided to launch and develop their businesses. These “Saplings” (graduates) are continuing to thrive and are building a real movement that can help and support each other.

As we always say, from little Acorns…mighty (Tayside) Oaks grow!”

The Acorns on the current Programme include a video production company, MOOVII; Maestro Music, who already have a music studio and are seeking to develop a network of these across the UK; and a specialist coaching business that helps dental practices grow, Connect Coaching.

At the induction event, the participants also heard from David Rundle, owner of Blue Star St Andrews, who was an Acorn on the last Programme. He shared his story, the challenges he has overcome and the lessons he learnt at Acorn Enterprise.

David said the Programme really built his confidence but also challenged him. He had grown his business from just himself to 15 employees in 3 years with no input from anyone else, including other business support agencies.

He urged the Acorns to make use of the existing Acorn network, attend all of the seminars and be prepared to re-evaluate everything about yourself and your business. “It’s not a coffee morning, it’s an intense experience that although painful at times, does get results.”

The Acorn Enterprise Programme offers the new businesses free office-space, weekly seminars to develop and challenge, a business mentor who provides accountability, and more. It will for 20 weeks until the end of January 2018.

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