How do we survive Brexit?

How do we survive Brexit?

This question is almost impossible to answer but all is not lost. Dr Billy Grierson, at Perth Innovation and Dr Shona Dobbie, at Angus Economics, have come together to offer a Surviving Brexit workshop to help companies plan and develop their response to Brexit.

The Problem

With Brexit discussions still taking place amongst an excess of media scaremongering, or wishful thinking, it can be difficult to gauge what kind of deal will eventually be negotiated, and what direction this may take our businesses.

But when we discuss general survival tactics with businesses about how they plan to take the company forward, the usual consensus is that things have been put on hold and that they feel paralysed by the current uncertainties. This is understandable but at a time like this, it’s not enough to just ‘wait and see’. Although we don’t yet have a conclusion, that doesn’t mean we can’t lay the foundations of our strategies for moving forward. We have the facts and with these we can begin to make plans.

The Solution

Because ultimately, planning will be key to surviving Brexit, now is the perfect opportunity to set the wheels in motion and begin planning and implementing the changes that will be fundamental to endurance. The business landscape is complex and rapidly evolving but on this occasion, we know change is on the horizon which also means that crucially, we can prepare.

By looking at what is really happening in the economy, we can think realistically about where the opportunities are for our businesses. What are the potential threats that we may face? What are our company’s strengths and weaknesses? Once we can identify these elements, it’s time to confront one with the other:

  • How can we use your strengths to capitalise on opportunities?
  • How will our weaknesses create barriers to potential opportunities?
  • How can our strengths mitigate the impact of threats?

These are just some of the points we should consider but knowing exactly what we can do about each one is the vital outcome. Whether we agree or disagree with Brexit is not the issue, now is the time for us to work out for ourselves exactly how we can capitalise on the opportunities that lie ahead.

The Surviving Brexit one-day workshop presents an opportunity to take a step aside and start to prepare for Brexit with the support of two experts in their fields. If you are interested in running an in-house Surviving Brexit workshop focused on the needs of your business, then contact Billy or Shona.

Open Workshop

On 21 November, we will be facilitating a workshop to support smaller businesses through the process of developing a robust strategy to ensure you can not only cope with Brexit, but ultimately benefit from it. The workshop will be held in The Vine Conference Centre, Dunfermline. For more information, visit the Eventbrite page.

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