Revolutionary wheelchair innovation closes seed round investment of £100k

Healthcare start up Staels Design has just closed a £100k seed round of investment for their innovative new cooling back-rest cushion for wheelchairs, the wheelAIR.

The company was targeted for investment by six high net worth individuals who span the UK and include an Invictus games star and an Occupational Therapist.

The latter commented, “I think that wheelAIR is an excellent and exciting product that will improve the lives of many wheelchair users. I feel this was a great opportunity to be able to invest as I believe the company will develop and grow rapidly over the next few years.”

The money will allow the wheelAIR team to expand as well as further drive their sales and marketing efforts.

Corien Staels, CEO of the company, says, “The first round of investment is always a bit special. Some of our investors have been following our progress for over a year, others we were introduced to more recently. To have these early wheelAIR believers also back us financially is hugely rewarding.”

More about WheelAIR here –

The award-winning wheelAIR has been designed in Glasgow by healthcare product start up, Staels Design, with the input of Paralympic athletes as well as wheelchair producers.

It is little known that overheating is a problem for the majority of wheelchair users which not only impacts their daily lives, but can lead to more serious health ailments.

The wheelAIR has been carefully designed to solve this problem. Using inbuilt fan technology, it not only cools the back, but reduces core temperature by taking away excess heat and moisture.

This allows for instant comfort and better temperature control. The cushion also offers extra support through a unique blend of carefully selected foams.

The company is currently in talks with mobility distributors and retailers across the UK and will soon be available to purchase in stores.