Future City Glasgow: Part 3 – The impact on business

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Future City Glasgow: Part 3 – The impact on business

In 2013, Glasgow was awarded £24m worth of funding by Innovate UK, winning over 29 other cities. This funding allowed Glasgow to become a future city.

A future city, or smart city, is one which explores innovative ways to use technology and data.

This results in the city becoming safer and more sustainable.

The funding has allowed Glasgow to put citizens at the heart of the project- as a city is only as good as its people!

Since it began, the project has made huge improvements to many areas of Glasgow, such as citizen safety and energy use in homes.

We explore the project’s impact on business in Glasgow.

The role of JamHot
The Future City project has had a hugely beneficial impact on Glasgow’s business, even start-up and local businesses.

One organisation that directly worked with the project was JamHot. JamHot are a creative design, digital and content agency that are based in Glasgow. They created the Future City Glasgow website, which is the hub of the project, communicating everything the programme is doing and what it aims to achieve.

The website is important as it provides a platform to share the programme with the public, and one of the aims of the project was to include citizens as much as possible.

Due to being a small company, this was an inspiring project for JamHot work on. Not only was there a big budget to work with, but it gave the organisation the opportunity to collaborate with different people, such as freelance photographers- thus creating further business.

This is significant because it demonstrates that the funding didn’t just impact big businesses, but showed smaller companies that they could have an impact on the project also.

For JamHot, this opportunity to work with the Future City project led to other business ventures and created further revenue.

The role of Add Jam
Add Jam is another small business that reaped huge benefits from the Future City project. Add Jam are a mobile and web app development company that specialise in turning ideas into projects.

Add Jam developed the Glasgow Walking app as part of the project. This app allows users to access local heritage information while walking, creating a guided tour of the city that aims to make Glasgow citizens more active. Through the ease of a phone, users have access to over 40 walking routes. Also, this app helps the city become more sustainable!

Future City was the first client that Add Jam had, giving the company a platform to create a high-profile project.

Unsurprisingly, this has had a hugely beneficial impact on Add Jam’s overall business success.

Using local businesses allows Glasgow to keep the work within the city, showcasing the city’s own talent.

The bigger picture
Smaller, flagship projects like JamHot and Add Jam have had a huge impact on the Future City programme overall.

The Future City project has paved the way for other businesses to embark on new ventures. Due to the success of the project, other cities have followed in Glasgow’s footsteps and have been encouraged to make investments and propose new business ideas.

Glasgow’s European business has almost tripled in size, and the Future City project credits some of this to the success of smaller businesses.

As a Future City, Glasgow can now help citizens make an impact on business and create revenue that can be put back into the city.

Interested in learning more about the Future City programme? Follow Innovate UK on Twitter or subscribe to their YouTube channel for regular updates!

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