Three Things All Digital Marketers Can Learn From Etsy

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Three Things All Digital Marketers Can Learn From Etsy

Etsy have pioneered the ‘stripped-back' approach to marketing, scrapping campaigns that weren't going to lead to an immediate growth in sales — such as TV adverts — and instead focusing solely on performance. It was a massive success and sales boomed under the new approach.

All marketers can learn plenty from the way that Etsy has focused on nailing down the fundamentals. Ploughing more resources into top of the funnel campaigns while neglecting the vital late stages of the purchasing funnel can be a big mistake. There's no point directing customers to an e-store with poor quality content, as it can put potential buyers off at the pre-purchase stage — a critical time to be engaging potential customers properly.

Just a few fundamentals can drastically alter the performance of your e-commerce site and help boost sales. Here are three vital tips for maximising the performance of an e-store:

  1. Make the product content relevant and high-quality

Potential customers are often directed to a website through an engaging advert or campaign promoting a product or service, to then be turned off by a sub-par website that doesn't compel them to make a purchase. The site's design should be attractive, there should be a pleasing colour scheme, and also a professional brand image must always be visible — this can be inexpensively acquired through an online logo creator. The product descriptions should also offer detailed and convincing information and failing to provide this can drastically reduce the chances of converting someone who's just browsing into a buyer.

Failing to provide adequate information can hit conversion rates hard; surveys show that consumers are far more likely to seriously consider a purchase if there's an in-depth and helpful guide to the product on sale. E-stores can suffer if proper care isn't applied to product descriptions.

  1. Don’t make the mistake of neglecting SEO

While the keyword-focused SEO strategies are outdated, relevant and high quality content is rated highly on Google's search rankings. With nearly 95% of search traffic now coming through Google's Page 1 results, it's vital that businesses learn how to use SEO in its latest form.

An effective method of driving traffic is via category pages, placing high-ranking keywords in amongst these webpages in order to touch on common search queries. This is often an incredibly efficient way of driving up organic traffic from search engines.

  1. Making searching for products on your site easy

Customers have to be able to easily find a product that they're either looking for, or are seeking out. If searching on a site is difficult, inefficient or poorly designed, then some potential customers will give up on the website and aren't likely to return.

It's also vital to ensure that product descriptions have the right keywords and phrases so as to provide customers with the most relevant and accurate search results. This will in turn present the right products to customers, increasing the chance of a purchase.

These simple fundamentals can be powerful

Many businesses try to sell online through an e-store without getting the simple things right. These fundamentals can be instrumental in driving up sales and increasing customer retention and should be applied consistently to any e-commerce business.

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