Mike McGrail: Diary of a Ginormous SaaS Startup Journey [Part 4]

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Mike McGrail: Diary of a Ginormous SaaS Startup Journey [Part 4]

On finding a name, tech progress and the joy of surveys…

Project Insight in no more. Why? Well, as you’ve likely noticed, the tool we’re on the journey to creating now has an official name — concludent. To say it was hard to find the right moniker would be an understatement! It had to have elements of enabling conclusions or decisions and everything that we came up with was either taken or the domains were on sale at a crazy price. Then my sidekick came up with ‘concludent’. Perfect.

The brand

The logo etc may well change in the future, this is very early days. I just felt it was important to give people something more tangible than the ‘Project Insight’ working title. Some clever tech people say that spending time on a name, brand etc in the early days is folly. I can’t help it though, I’m a marketer and we like having something to really promote. Even though concludent is currently far from being something!

Tech progress

The quest for tech validation is ongoing, there are aspects to concludent that are very complicated, but to be truly valuable, it must embrace those aspects. Earlier this week, I had a meeting with another startup who actually have the code and system in place that could be the foundation of concludent. Discovering that was a pretty special moment! There’s a lot of complex discussions to take place and it may turn out that it isn’t right for either party, but I’m optimistic.


People have taken a real interest in concludent, taking the time to fill in surveys, send questions and advice and signing up for the newsletter; all of this is hugely appreciated! Without the input and opinions of other marketers, this won’t be a tool that’s truly desirable and effective. If you have three minutes, please do fill in the survey you can find here.

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