Iain Scott
Iain Scott

Event: How communities can add almost a quarter of a billion pounds to Scotland’s wealth

Everyone from local activists to councils, businesses and politicians are coming together in Crieff on Tuesday 22nd May to learn the skills needed in the new age of commerce.

An event, run by Can Do Places, is looking at the changed landscape where BHS and ToysRus close to leave challenging holes in the high street.

The good news is that community groups can help turn these places around whilst generating an independent income for their trust or organisation. They can get involved into converting vacant stores and banks into a ‘Can Do Space’. Each can be worth a minimum of half a million pounds to a small town in Scotland.

Event host and founder of Can Do Places, Iain Scott, said:

“Multiply that half a million pounds across Scotland’s towns and you suddenly see a transformative opportunity to invest in the future.

Two thousand new and growing businesses can be created – thus pumping a staggering £240 million into the Scottish economy.”

People interested in turning towns around are being invited to take part in an exciting and practical workshop at the Strathearn Artspace in Crieff – itself an inspiring example of how this transformational change can take place.

It is open to anyone who longs to see their local economy and town, city or village thrive.