David Mundell
David Mundell

UK exports to Canada up 8% to £9 billion

As the Prime Minister and other world leaders gatherd in Canada for the G7 summit, Scottish Secretary David Mundell praised Scottish companies for playing their part in latest trade statistics that show UK exports to Canada have increased by 8% in the past year.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics reveal that total UK exports to Canada in 2017 reached £9 billion.

Mr Mundell pointed out that Scottish craft beer firm Innis & Gunn are reportedly selling more than a fifth of their entire output into the Canadian market and that Scotland had come a long way since Tunnock's first ever export was caramel logs to Canada  in 1957.

Mr Mundell said it was incredibly helpful for all parts of the UK to have our voice heard at the top economic table when important global issues are being discussed. The Prime Minister is in Quebec with other G7 leaders to discuss issues that include economic growth, jobs, gender equality and climate change.

Scottish Secretary David Mundell said:

“It is incredibly helpful for all parts of the UK that when these major global summits take place that the UK voice is heard at the top economic tables. The Prime Minister will ensure that is the case over the next couple of days in Canada.

“Canada is a growing market for UK exports with latest figures showing a fantastic 8% increase in 2017. Scottish companies are playing their part in that success story with companies like Innis & Gunn reportedly now selling more than a fifth of their beer to Canada. Companies like Macsween Haggis are also taking advantage of the ban on haggis exports to Canada being lifted last year. We have come a long way since Tunnock’s had their first ever export in 1957 when Canadians first got to experience the delights of a caramel log.

“Canada played host to the world's leaders this weekend and I hope that more companies in Scotland will endeavour to be part of the export success the UK is enjoying in Canada.”

Global demand for UK goods and services has never been higher. The UK Government’s Department for International Trade is on hand to support Scottish businesses to seize the international opportunities available, and become global exporters.

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