7 Must Have Tools for Solopreneurs

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7 Must Have Tools for Solopreneurs

There is no better feeling in this world than being your own boss. When you have a business of your own, then it’s you who calls the shots and controls how everything works. However, if you are a solo entrepreneur i.e. solopreneur, then you may often find yourself in situations where you are completely overwhelmed. After all, there is so much to running a business successfully- marketing, branding, bookkeeping, expense management, taxes, and what not. Thus, calling it difficult would be an understatement. That said, all these processes, as important as they are, don’t have to be excruciating.

The Internet offers a plethora of easily affordable and sometimes completely free tools for every kind of business task. In this blog, you will learn about top 7 of them.

1. Square

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A large number of business transactions take place electronically today. There are many advantages to it too including easy money management, high transparency, and of course, convenience. So, if you want a simple and affordable solution, then you can check out Square. It is both a mobile app and a compact credit/debit card reader that can be plugged into your phone’s headphone jack to turn it into a portable card reader. It allows you to accept card payments without having to invest in an expensive and bulky POS machine. The hardware is completely free and the processing fee is also quite low. To get started, you can read the guide to the new mobile payment system that’s available for both iPhone and Android.    

2. Grammarly

As a solopreneur, you have to engage in a lot of written communication. You have to write blogs, emails to leads and potential business-partners, advertising material, social media posts, and more. However, quality is key here. You don’t want your written material to have any kind of typos and grammatical errors as that can do a massive damage to your brand’s online reputation and turn away potential customers rather easily. This is why you need Grammarly, a nifty online tool that identifies punctuation and grammatical mistakes in your text in real-time and allows you to remove all these errors with just a few clicks. It seriously doesn’t get easier than this!

3. Tailor Brands

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Even if yours is a small business, you can’t underestimate the importance of branding. There is a lot of competition in every industry today but you can succeed by making your business stand out from the rest. This is where Tailor Brands comes in.

Tailor brands is a powerful yet affordable branding platform that offers enterprise-level branding solutions to all kinds of business. With its flagship product Tailor Logo maker, you can create unique and highly-appealing company logos in minutes! All you have to do is share a few details about your company with the program and select your design preferences. It’s proprietary AI algorithm will do the rest for you!

4. Shake

When you are managing an entire business on your own, the last thing you want is a legal dispute between you and a client or a remote employee. However, drafting watertight contracts, NDAs, etc. can be quite expensive if you are taking help from a lawyer. So, you can instead use Shake.

Shake is an online legal service that offers a variety of free templates for contracts and other forms of legal bindings that you can easily customize yourself for commercial use and send to your clients to sign and return. It’s cheap, easy to use, and saves a lot of time too.

5. Hootsuite

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As a smart solopreneur, you want to harness the power of social media for your small business but you also know it’s one of the most time-consuming and tedious tasks that you can’t overlook. So, what can you do? Well, how about a comprehensive social media management service that simplifies marketing on all major social media channels including Facebook and Twitter? That’s exactly what Hootsuite is all about. It brings all your social media accounts under one roof and provides you with an incredibly powerful analytics service with which you can track all your social media campaigns, monitor and record their performance, schedule posts, manager customer service on Twitter, and a lot more!

6. G Suite

G Suite is a complete package for all your online collaboration needs. It supports word files, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. and provides a decent amount of free cloud storage too (you can get more space in the paid version). Since all the tools are cloud-based, you can review/edit your files when traveling and switch from desktop to mobile as per your convenience. You can also use Google Drive to save all your important files and protect your business from downtime and cyber attacks.

7. Mint

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If there is one thing that you can’t afford to mess up, it’s the finances. There are a variety of expenses to keep track of including personal expenses, business expenses, payments received from clients and those made to vendors, taxes, and more. Needless to say, things can easily get out of hand if you are not prepared. So, it’s wise to get a reliable budgeting and expense management app like Mint.

Mint is a finance program that allows you to aggregate all your financial accounts in one place and create business goals on the fly. You can also monitor your credit score with it which is really important if you need a business loan. Plus, it’s web-based which means you can access your account from any Internet-enabled device.


The difference between a hardworking solopreneur and a smart solopreneur is that the latter is able to get the same results faster and at lower costs. So, you should aim to become more like that and try to use as many online tools as possible that make your job easier. Some of the best ones are already discussed above. So, why not get started today itself? Good luck!

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