Learn How Technology Can Help Scottish Businesses Save Money

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Learn How Technology Can Help Scottish Businesses Save Money

Running a business is far from easy. Finding ways to save money while boosting productivity at the same time is enormously challenging as any company owner will tell you. For smaller businesses, it can be even more difficult.

The good news is that there are plenty of technological solutions out there which are designed to help an increasing number of Scottish businesses improve their all-important bottom line. Learn to use that technology properly and you’ll soon introduce great savings for your business, some of it from day one.

Don’t Be Afraid to Automate

We spend a lot of time on mundane tasks nowadays. These activities not only take up the working day but also cost a lot in the way of manpower. Automating processes often gets a dirty press but it’s one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to streamline your business operation and get more value out of your team.

A prime example is a piece of technology such as a CRM where you can quickly use AI and algorithms to automate a lot of processes such as sending out social media messages or answer customer queries. Another example would be using mobile booking technology to prevent queues at receptions in hotels.

Switching to Leased Lines

Scotland is routinely one of the worst areas for slow broadband connections. That’s why many businesses are moving towards leased lines where their connection is faster as well as highly reliable. If you’re losing money because you can’t use the internet properly, this is going to be vital. A leased line means that your business has its own dedicated connection with both guaranteed upload and download speeds. The fibre optics also mean that you can have a superfast internet up to 10Gbps.

You can save even more money by shopping around for your leased line supplier, either when you’re first considering it or when your existing contract is about to finish. There are plenty of providers around nowadays and not just the usual large corporations like BT and Virgin Media. Using a comparison site is the best way to line up your options and see exactly what is on offer and what best suits your Scottish business.

Improve Productivity with The Cloud

The cloud has become indispensable when it comes to running a whole range of businesses. What it means is that you don’t have to invest in internal IT. Your staff can access the online tools that they need to both work remotely and collaborate with each other, often to a high degree. You don’t have to waste time and money getting back to the office when you want to get some work done, you can complete it on the move.

Planning a meeting? Here’s one way that a lot of business are saving money nowadays and that’s by swapping the boardroom for video conferencing. It means that no one has to travel to the meeting.

On Demand Services

On Demand services or outsourcing has been made ever more popular because of the cloud. It means you can decide to outsource a major part of your business operation such as your IT for relatively low cost. You don’t need all the messy infrastructure or have to employ dedicated IT staff. You can use an on-demand service where you get your provision tailored to your business needs. And the better news is that you pay much lower rates than you would normally.

Be More Energy Efficient

Finally, there are many ways you can use technology to be more energy efficient and protect your bottom line. Swapping your old lights for new, ultra-efficient LED ones is a simple option you could choose. In some cases, you might be able to cut your lighting bill by as much as 30 to 50%.

You can introduce motion sensor technology that switches off lights when no one is in them. You can put in a smart meter to monitor all the gas and electricity you are consuming and use that information to change your practices. You can switch less efficient equipment such as computers and printers for the latest models that use less energy.

There are plenty of ways for your Scottish business to save money and technology is leading the way. Perhaps it’s time to carry out an audit and look at ways of introducing it into your company.

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